AD+D Estudio Creativo | Team


"Talent, creativity, dinamics, enthusiasm, passion and technique is what we are made of"
AD+D is a haven for multi-discipline souls, typified by their creative and resolute skills, their dynamics and for having transformed their passion into their profession. The diversity of their professional profiles and their knowledge of a number of design and production techniques has enabled them to work on each project in a comprehensive way. The result is that we work with renown brands.
The captain of AD+D is its founder and director, Lara Alvarez. She is the story of AD+D. Her academic training in Beaux Arts, audiovisuals, industrial pre-printing and design; her noteworthy skills in sculpture, drawing, photography, etc.; her passing through engineering PLUS an enterprising vocation and her need for challenges lead her to create AD+D.
This is what we are

“I came across AD+D at the end of 2015 almost by chance, without programming it and through a common friend.

As soon as I came into his office, I remember thinking that although it was a small space, I had the feeling of being in a grand enterprise. Not only the furniture, the cleanliness or the distribution of the working areas; it was the staff’s attitude. Well prepared and enthusiastic young men and women; firm and determined to take a step further. Definitively good people and well organized.

María Oruña